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About the Huth Foundation

Recognizing, celebrating and rewarding young people who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to teaching, technology and volunteerism involving the elderly.

          The Huth Foundation and The Huth Scholarship were created in 2010 in memory of Dr. John H. Huth. Dr. Huth studied engineering and was a 1950 graduate of Stanford University. Immediately following his time at Stanford Dr. Huth held a position as a Senior Scientist with the RAND Corporation. During this period he made significant contributions in a variety of fields including high speed impact phenomena as they relate to encounters between space vehicles and other material in orbit, and the development of power sources for use in isolated situations by the military.

          As a result of this work, he worked with the Department of Defense to establish a national program focused on the development of stand-alone electrical power sources for military use. Later in his career, Dr. Huth’s interests began to shift toward a national problem posed by the growing elderly population in the United States – and the connectivity (or lack thereof) between the elderly and youth. Toward the end of his life, his work focused on broadening available channels of communication in order to link elders with teenagers. Promising approaches he used were based on using tablet PCs with screens on which the elderly could write and draw, as well as printing mailboxes for receipt of email by those who do not use computers.

          Based on these ideas, The Huth Foundation now supports youth organizations interested in connecting teenagers and the elderly through technology such as Presto printers or video conferencing systems such as Skype.

          Each year The Huth Foundation provides grants and required equipment to interested Youth Groups and Sunday School Programs that are willing to commit to weekly outreach to the elderly in the community. This outreach includes teaching the elderly how to use technology, then connecting these individuals with family members, friends and the youth volunteers.

          For more information about how your church or youth group can participate in The Huth Foundation program please contact or complete the attached application.  

Congratulations to the


Huth Scholarship receipients!

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